Q: do I get to pick how many hours and which package I want?
A: yes, you can choose which ever combo you want. They are all tailored to certain events and types of photos. Wedding photos go by $150/hr.

Q: Are all images that I receive in my package that are printed will I get a digital?
A: yes, you will get both a print & digital of each image of your products. As with the book all photos in the album will be revived digitally as well.

Q: What about if I want all the images from my session?
A: This is a option from a la carte' for $450. You will get all the best images you have seen from your proof gallery only. RAW files are NEVER given only JPG format.

Q: It says with each package I get 5-25% off additional products what does this include?
A: Time is a additional product so for weddings its starts at $150/hr you will get 10% off every hour if you choose the silver package making it $135/hr .

Q: For weddings do I get a second photographer?
A: yes, the time includes me and a additional photographer, double coverage for just the perfect amount of time!

Q: What if I want to add more to my package?

A: There is a a la carte' option that you can add on additional products!

Sample Products

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